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1st Convocation -Welcome Address

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I take the opportunity to welcome you all in this Hall at 1st Convocation Ceremony of Jagan Nath University, Haryana this afternoon. It is an auspicious occasion in the history of any young institution to hold first convocation. In this convocation the 1st batch of 40 students from different disciplines are going to be conferred with degrees, medals and merit certificate. I am told that of these 40 invited students, 25 are physically present to participate in the ceremony.

Friends, Jagan Nath University, Haryana has been promoted by Jagan Nath Gupta Memorial Education Society, is established under Haryana State Private Universities Act in May 2013, approved by the UGC u/s 22 of its Act for award of degrees and Member, Association of Indian Universities (AIU). The University is offering UG and PG programs in various disciplines including Engineering and Technology, Architecture, Management and Commerce, Law, Education, Physical Sciences, Journalism and Mass Communication, Social Sciences, Physiotherapy and others. Though, the period of 3 years of life of an institution like this is not very long, but the University is progressing steadily with a well defined Vision under the able leadership of the promoters.

  • Our vision is ‘to develop the University as a Centre of Excellence with a focus on quality education, research, skill development, industry interface and holistic concerns of human life, environment and society for the benefit of the youth of the country’

Some of the visitors who came to campus in the recent past have appreciated our vision and mission statements which, they said, have potential to make the University role model for others in providing quality education.

The Convocation is an important academic function of an institution in which students and teachers assemble to confer degree/diploma on successful candidates and also giving them a parting message to students to practice their knowledge and skills in the best interest of the Society and the Nation. The practice of holding convocation is as old as the history of education. During the ancient times, reference comes in Taittireeya Upnashid, a part of Yajurvada, where convocation address for those getting vedic education has been pre-defined. I would like to read this message in its English version.

The teacher instructs the students in the parting message as under:

  • Speak the truth, Abide by your Dharma, Never idle your studies.
  • Know your Mother to be like Goddess, Know your Father like a God, Know your Teacher like a God, Know your Guest to be like a God.
  • O’ Disciples, only do those actions which are in accordance with Shastras and the Society. Do not perform actions that oppose this.
  • Moreover, only adopt our good conduct and nothing else.
  • After leaving here, if you find a teacher better than us, respect him, pay homage to him.
  • This is our final command. This is the teaching. Go forth. Live according to this.

These beautiful words of the message are relevant even in today’s context, where we do talk of life skills and professional skills, continuous autonomous learning culture, holistic education approach, industry interactions, skill development, etc. to promote quality education and employability among graduates. In the present global economy, India has the demographic advantages as a young nation with more than half of its population below the age of 25 years and Indians have the culture of learning and teaching. To reap dividends of its strengths, the role of higher education is vital in realizing India’s vision of becoming a superpower in this highly competitive interdependent world. Higher education objective is Enlightenment and Empowerment of youth with right type of knowledge and skills. An enlightened person is one who understands the realities of life, his/her role in society, can distinguish between good and bad, and when empowered with relevant skills can make significant contributions towards the growth and welfare of society and the nation, thereby the world. Such an education system which ensures all this should have four dimensions viz., education with value system, skill development of par excellence, creative learning atmosphere and inclusive growth model.

In evolving such a system, the teachers have an important role to perform. A great teacher can influence students not only by teaching, but also by giving practical lessons in human values, good conduct, academic excellence and other traits. It is with this understanding and shared thoughts that Jagan Nath University, Haryana is moving forward to develop an academic system which is comprehensive, dynamic, enthusiastic and self motivating. All these aspects are an integral part of the academic philosophy and approach in the University.

With this background information, while welcoming you all at the 1st Convocation Ceremony, I would like to convey the message to the students and the teachers that they are an important asset for us. We expect them to follow the path of excellence in professional life, high human values, nationalistic and patriotic philosophy and contribute to the best of their abilities towards the growth of institutions where they do work for the welfare of the society and the Nation. They should follow the dharma of ‘work is worship’. This is the demand of the time in modern economy.

Once again I welcome you all at 1st Convocation Ceremony of Jagan Nath University, Haryana.

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