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    The following approvals and recognition are worth mentioning:

    • Approved by the University Grants Commission(UGC) under Section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956.
    • Membership of Association of Indian Universities (AIU), which provides for participation in AIU activities.
    • Bar Council of India (BCI) approval for 5 years BA.LL.B. program.
    • Council of Architecture(COA) approval for B.Arch. program.
    • National Council for Teachers Education (NCTE) Approval for B.Ed,B.AB.Ed/B.ScB.Ed (Integrated) ; and M.Ed Programs.
    • Approval of all the UG and PG programs from Department of Higher Education,Government of Haryana.

    Our vision is to develop Jagan Nath University a Centre of Academic Excellence with a focus on quality education, research, skill development, industry linkage and holistic concerns of human life, environment and society for the ultimate benefit of the youth of the country.

    The University aspires to achieve its vision by:

    • 1.Introducing innovative, job oriented and professional degree programs and promoting quality education, holistic concerns, skill development and industry integration.

    • 2.Preparing students equipped with relevant knowledge and competences to face successfully challenges of modern organizations and global standards.

    • 3.Providing training in generic skills and personality development to enhance the employability of graduates.

    • 4.Engaging students and faculty in research, extension services, internships, community service projects, cultural and sports activities.

    • 5.Encouraging the use of digital technology and self-learning resources like MOOC, Virtual Labs, Online Academic Resources, Self Learning, etc. along with classroom engagements.

    • 6.Promoting a culture of excellence among students and faculty.

    • 7.Developing a sense of ownership and pride among employees to achieve organizational growth targets as well as their personal goals.

    The University has set the following objectives to realize its vision and mission:

    • i.To introduce innovative, job-oriented and professional academic programs.
    • ii.To focus on skill development for enhancing employability rate among graduates.
    • iii.To encourage the use of digital and self learning resources along with traditional teaching methods.
    • iv.To make research, extension services, community services, sports and cultural activities an integral part of academic process.
    • v.To strengthen collaborations with industrial and professional organizations for practical exposure.
    • vi.To create state-of-the-art infrastructural resources and facilities for quality education.
    • vii.To establish student centric environment on campus.
    • viii.To motivate and orient academic departments to strive for and to sustain advanced levels of teaching and research so that the University emerges as an excellent centre of learning.
    • ix.To implement Choice Based Credit System as recommended by the UGC.
    • x.To bring transparency and accountability in governance practices at all levels.
    • xi.To achieve self sustainability through quantitative and qualitative expansions.
    • Achieving quality, employability and affordability in education.
    • Following holistic approach with concerns for human values, environment and society.
    • Developing global competences among students.
    • Use of technology and digital resources for achieving excellence.
    • Autonomy, transparency and accountability in governance.
    • Bridging gaps between theory and practice with a focus on skill development and industry interface.
    • Contribution to National Development by preparing youth to handle higher level responsibilities in life.

    Jagan Nath University is committed to imparting quality education and strives to be a globally recognized centre of excellence in higher education. It aspires to achieve it by:

    • Ensuring topical and relevant curriculum,
    • Adept delivery mechanism,
    • Relevant research and consultancy,
    • State-of-the-art infrastructural and learning resources,
    • Active involvement of stakeholders and industry experts in decision making,
    • Creation of congenial and conducive student centric work environment, and
    • An effective governance system.

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