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University Computer Center

In order to empower different courses being taught in the University, it has created a fairly rich e-infrastructure. UCC is fully equipped to help and empower all other academic modules. Our IT resources are future savvy and adaptable for future changes. Our UCC has high speed Pentium IV 2.66 GHz windows 2008 based networking system. UCC is enriched with Scanners, LCDs, Laser Printers, Combo Drivers and Web Cam for video Conferencing and other purposes. The Centre caters to the needs of the students and other faculty under one roof.

Some salient features of our computer center are:

A dedicated computer center at each school all with average capacity between 50 – 150 high end computers provides easily accessible and excellent computational facilities to the faculty and students catering to their academic, research and recreational requirements.

Jagan Nath University Haryana has excellent internet connectivity. Reputed service providers like Airtel (20Mpbs), CJ online (10 Mbps) and BSNL NKN (1 Gbps) cater to the Internet requirements of the Jagan Nath University Haryana community. The entire campus is connected with seamless wireless connectivity. DVR and WI-FI are installed to provide the connectivity along with 20 IP cameras & 5 speed dome cameras to monitor the various buildings including different schools of Jagan Nath University Haryana and hostels and staff quarters.

All computers are a part of Domain Controller (IBM-X3650 M2) with support of additional domain controllers.

Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway 2010 is installed for ISP load balancing, fail over and Malware/ Spyware detection at the gateway level.

Windows Server update services are installed for Patch Management in the entire campus.

Central Antivirus server provides security for entire network.

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