Admission 2024-25

About University


The University has set the following objectives to realize its vision and mission:

  1. To introduce innovative, job-oriented and professional academic programs.
  2. To focus on skill development for enhancing employability rate among graduates.
  3. To encourage the use of digital and self learning resources along with traditional teaching methods.
  4. To make research, extension services, community services, sports and cultural activities an integral part of academic process.
  5. To strengthen collaborations with industrial and professional organizations for practical exposure.
  6. To create state-of-the-art infrastructural resources and facilities for quality education.
  7. To establish student centric environment on campus.
  8. To motivate and orient academic departments to strive for and to sustain advanced levels of teaching and research so that the University emerges as an excellent centre of learning.
  9. To implement Choice Based Credit System as recommended by the UGC.
  10. To bring transparency and accountability in governance practices at all levels.
  11. To achieve self sustainability through quantitative and qualitative expansions.