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Faculty of Education

Faculty of Education

“Education is the process of transforming human resources to be responsible stewards to the society.”

Teacher education plays a pivotal role in expending the mission of education in rural and urban areas alike. Teacher education programs amount to clearly identifying the aims of education and its perspectives, with which the education process is created, sustained and continually evolved. Teacher education is cardinal to the national development, coherence in society and peace and progress. Hence, the teachers are instrumental in facilitating the teaching process, its efficiency and future human resource development.

The University offers Two Years Bachelor Degree Program (B.Ed.), Master Degree Program (M.Ed.) and Four Years B.A./B.Sc.-B.Ed. (Integrated) Program as per the guidelines and norms of NCTE. The department of education of JNUB is successful in producing teachers imbibing traditional and cultural values with modern technology. Education is process of acquiring and imparting knowledge, hence, conceptual thoughts are pursued with modern ways and means of classroom and informal teaching.

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